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Bloomberg QuickTake: Things to do during COVID-19 quarantine

Posted by Drew Chambers on Aug 6, 2020 11:00:00 AM

The Bloomberg QuickTake readership is a creative and interesting group. Partnering with Corus, the QT team uncovered what readers were doing during the coronavirus pandemic to keep their minds engaged.

The results were as interesting as you'd expect, and the ever-talented group of producers and editors at Bloomberg were able to turn those insights into the following:

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Topics: in the news, case study

How Bloomberg Used Corus for TV Streaming Services Bundle Builder

Posted by Drew Chambers on Jun 2, 2020 11:00:00 AM

As they always do, the Bloomberg Graphics team put together an amazing, interactive article about bundle-building TV streaming services. Corus was there to help.

Leveraging the Corus platform, Bloomberg was able to interview 1000 Americans about their streaming habits, and most importantly, was able to dive into the value those respondents placed on individual shows and streaming service providers. In so doing, they put together what can only be described as the official database for understand your perfect bundle builder for OTT or CTV services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the new HBO Max. So how do Americans want to watch their favorite shows and on-demand movies like Tiger King, the Office, Game of Thrones, and more? Find out - and also find out the most cost-effective way to build your own package based on your preferences.

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99designs and Corus - Entrepreneurship in the Age of Covid-19

Posted by Drew Chambers on May 19, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Our friends at 99designs created a topical and interesting infographic and post about how entrepreneurs are adjusting to the new normal of Covid-19 

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Topics: Insider, market research, survey, dataresearch, use case, in the news, deep dive, covid19

Catch Up on "Keys to Success with Jillian"

Posted by Jillian Dutson and Drew Chambers on May 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Catch up on all the episodes here and subscribe for future insights.

Our Director of Customer Success, Jillian Dutson, hosts a new show on our youtube channel where she explores all the tips and tricks to successfully navigating the world of user insights. Corus, as you may know, is a programmatic user research tool, and combining that with strong structural understanding of research techniques and survey architecture can make you unstoppable. We've compiled the first five episodes here for you, and if you like what you see, please subscribe to our youtube channel here!

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Topics: Insider, market research, Walkthrough, use case, best practices, work from home, remote work, video

VP of Marketing Drew Chambers on InsightNow Live Podcast

Posted by Drew Chambers on May 5, 2020 4:00:37 PM

Drew Chambers talks about the direction of marketing in the age of Corona, as well as how to properly leverage data and insights in your marketing plan

Our very own Drew Chambers, VP of Marketing, was invited onto the InsightNow Podcast Live, from our friends at the PR and Marketing Firm Cast Influence. Host Justin Kraft asked Drew about how to utilize data and insights in the current environment, and how firms and agencies are adapting to the changes that have come swiftly in the age of Covid-19. A really interesting discussion ensues, watch below!

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Topics: our team, in the news, podcast, business case

Top 3 Things Nifty Project Management Users Can't Live Without

Posted by Guest Authors Nifty on Apr 2, 2020 10:30:00 AM


Utilizing the Corus platform, we gathered feedback from Nifty customers about the things they can't live without

There are a lot of project management tools out there, so inevitably the first questions that we often get from prospective customers are “what makes Nifty different?” or “what makes Nifty so great?” Instead of coming up with something on our own, we thought we’d ask our customers for their thoughts.

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Topics: use case, best practices, case study

Corus in the News: Work from home in the age of Covid-19

Posted by Jason Abromaitis and Drew Chambers on Mar 19, 2020 2:14:29 PM

CEO Jason Abromaitis shares some thoughts with Nicole Fallon on the Department of Commerce's Grow with Co website. What does this new normal look like for all of us?

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Topics: our team, in the news, work from home, remote work

Hubspot and Corus: Feedback Made Easy

Posted by Drew Chambers on Feb 12, 2020 1:28:43 PM

Corus is now an official Hubspot partner and part of the inbound community, and as a result, Hubspot users can take full advantage of all the free tools that Corus offers. Sending out surveys via your Hubspot CRM has never been easier.

Corus is now listed on the Hubspot Partner Directory, meaning you can quickly search for it through your favorite CRM system. Part of building an effective Flywheel is delighting customers, and utilizing that feedback to feed the momentum of your flywheel (inbound anyone? :) ) Corus makes gathering that delightful feedback from customers as easy as can be by offering our survey-building features FREE OF CHARGE. You create a survey (as complex as you want) and then distribute it via your Hubspot CRM. Here's a quick tutorial.

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Topics: surveying, Help, Walkthrough, use case, in the news

Jason Abromaitis for CMSWire on VoC Metrics

Posted by Jason Abromaitis and Drew Chambers on Feb 7, 2020 11:55:25 AM

Jason shares his thoughts in this really compelling piece about Voice of the Customer (VoC) metrics and how they affect Customer Experience (CX)

In a really great piece that features takes from the giants of the consumer market research space, Jason's comments really shine a light on the culture of customer respect here at Corus.

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Topics: Insider, in the news, business case

Should big banks be scared about the future of finance & investing?

Posted by Drew Chambers and Jason Abromaitis on Jan 23, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Apps like Robinhood and Acorns are shaking up a space that has been dominated by large establishments since the beginning of modern finance. What makes these apps so special, why are consumers responding to their message, and should big banks be scared?

Technology has infiltrated every facet of our lives (even when we’re sleeping). It’s only natural that tech companies large and small would turn their attention to one of the oldest and largest verticals (expected to reach a value of $26.5 TRILLION by 2022) in our economy, the financial sector. Tech has promised for a while to upend the way that people bank, even challenging what we consider fiat currency. To date though it can still feel like the only tangible commercial banking improvement (if it’s even an improvement) is commingling baristas and tellers.

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Topics: market research, fintech, deep dive, case study

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