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We tackle some of the more common questions about that we receive

Corus now has a more extensive FAQ and support database at

Q: How many people can reach? Are they truly representative of the broader population?

A: currently has the ability to reach over 80 million respondents in 135 countries. The way that we’ve integrated respondents means that we can drill down into very specific demographics easily. Bear in mind that the more specific you get and the larger the audience you need, the more time that will take. To date, we’ve had over 8 million completed questions and we haven’t had an issue finding the respondents that a client needs!

Q: Do you charge for seat licenses? How does pricing work?

A: Great question, and in the coming days we’ll have an updated page for pricing that should make this a lot clearer. We currently do NOT charge for seat licenses, meaning that you and your whole team can sign up for FREE. charges for data used (starting at 10 cents per completed question). Everything is included, you don’t need to spend more for the features you need and want. We believe that everyone should have access to the data and insights they need to inform their business decisions, not just the people who can afford them.

Q: What type of language translation features do you have?

A: Currently our system has automated translation services to over 30 languages, which you can turn off and on with the touch of a button. If you have really nuanced language, we also allow for human translation (for a small fee) directly in the system. (1)


Q: I work with a pretty collaborative team, do you guys have a Slack channel or some means of allow us to collaborate?

A: That’s great! was designed for teams, so you’ll see tons of features for collaboration, including the ability to send messages to individuals or your whole team, as well as track the history and edits of a survey. We really want this to be a system that everyone understands and is able to use easily, so team interaction and the UX was super important to us. (2)

Q: How many different demographic filters do you have when sending to the world!

A: We have more demographic filters than you probably could imagine! Education, sex, age, etc. are of course in there. Beyond that we have plenty of interesting categories like “should AirBnB be legal in your city?” and “Which airline is best?” and plenty more. If you don’t see something you need, shoot us an email at and there’s a good chance we can add it for you!

Q: What is all about?

A: We believe that data and insights should be available to everyone, not just those that can pay top dollar. As such we’ve strived to build the most user-friendly and robust survey platform and analytics marketplace in existence. We’re trying to create something truly different informed by the insights we’ve gained from years of experience in the space.

Q: Is my data secure? Are the insights I receive available to other companies on

A: Great question, and yes, your data is secured, and only available to you. You can choose the permissions for individuals within your organization (so while everyone can edit and adjust a survey, one can be in charge of billing and ultimately sending out surveys to the world or private distributions). Additionally other companies are unable to see the data you receive, unless you have something interesting that you’d like to share with the world!

Q: Once I have data in a dashboard, can I send that to excel or numbers for further tweaking and analysis?

A: Of course, we make it easy to download the data in CSV format, specifically setting it up to be able to go directly into a pivot table. Additionally we give you the ability to create an export title for each question to you’re ready to go as soon as the download is complete.

Q: Have a question that you don’t see answered here?

A: Send us an email at, we’re always here to help!



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