How Bloomberg Used Corus for TV Streaming Services Bundle Builder

As they always do, the Bloomberg Graphics team put together an amazing, interactive article about bundle-building TV streaming services. Corus was there to help.

Leveraging the Corus platform, Bloomberg was able to interview 1000 Americans about their streaming habits, and most importantly, was able to dive into the value those respondents placed on individual shows and streaming service providers. In so doing, they put together what can only be described as the official database for understand your perfect bundle builder for OTT or CTV services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the new HBO Max. So how do Americans want to watch their favorite shows and on-demand movies like Tiger King, the Office, Game of Thrones, and more? Find out – and also find out the most cost-effective way to build your own package based on your preferences.

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Click the image to be taken to the Bloomberg bundle builder

Working hand in hand with the Corus team, Bloomberg asked respondents a host of questions, and also leveraged one of the newer features from Corus, a fixed budget selection. Essentially they offered respondents $50/month and asked them to select the streaming service providers they would choose, with each response subtracting from that $50 total by the amount of the service’s monthly cost (so in this question if you selected Netflix standard, $12.99 a month, you would then have $37.99 left to spend, and you couldn’t go over). This forced respondents to be selective about their bundle-building, but also think about how to maximize that budget relative to the shows they were most interested in watching. By combining this data with the show ranking data, Bloomberg was able to assign relative values to the services. 

All in all, the demographic insights of this piece are incredibly interesting, and the interactive nature of the bundle-builder itself is incredibly insightful – we believe many people will use this tool as they think about cord-cutting and diving into new services like Disney+, Hulu with Live TV, and even more niche products like Crunchyroll and Britbox. It will also be interesting to see how the services that are dispensable and overpriced relative to their show’s and movie’s value will fare.

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