Hubspot and Corus: Feedback Made Easy

Corus is now an official Hubspot partner and part of the inbound community, and as a result, Hubspot users can take full advantage of all the free tools that Corus offers. Sending out surveys via your Hubspot CRM has never been easier.

Corus is now listed on the Hubspot Partner Directory, meaning you can quickly search for it through your favorite CRM system. Part of building an effective Flywheel is delighting customers, and utilizing that feedback to feed the momentum of your flywheel (inbound anyone? 🙂 ) Corus makes gathering that delightful feedback from customers as easy as can be by offering our survey-building features FREE OF CHARGE. You create a survey (as complex as you want) and then distribute it via your Hubspot CRM. Here’s a quick tutorial.


Hubspot Corus Partner Directory Listing


Quick rundown – head to the partner directory and find Corus. From there, create a free account (there’s no catch). Create your survey and then using “private audience” grab your URL, which you then can link in the email you’re creating in Hubspot. DONE.


Creating an email with corus survey link hubspot


After getting feedback, to analyze and visualize your inbound survey results, simply step back into Corus and check out your dashboard. Don’t worry, you can download all the raw information or export images and/or powerpoint if you want.

Inevitably the next question that comes up is: “what tools don’t I have access to with the free plan?” – the answer is that you have access to all tools, full stop. We don’t gate access to features or tools. And we always offer award-winning support to our customers.

What we charge for is access to our global panel of 80 million respondents. So if you want to gather insights from your existing customers and emails that you already have, you can continue to utilize Corus without any monthly charges or license fees. If, however, you want to start asking questions of people that you don’t already know – like people that match demographic characteristics of your customers but haven’t bought before, or maybe live in a new market that you’re considering moving into, Corus charges on a per response basis for those answer via our global panel. That starts at just $1 a completed survey! (NOTE: this will vary based on length of survey and complexity of the audience you’re seeking).

Also the data is completely yours – nothing is shared or used by Corus. Enjoy and happy feedback hunting!


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