Jason Abromaitis for CMSWire on VoC Metrics

Jason shares his thoughts in this really compelling piece about Voice of the Customer (VoC) metrics and how they affect Customer Experience (CX)

In a really great piece that features takes from the giants of the consumer market research space, Jason’s comments really shine a light on the culture of customer respect here at Corus.

Respect your customer’s time,” Abromaitis said. “They don’t owe you anything, and their time has value. Don’t ask for too much by sending them to a lengthy questionnaire. Part of being concise is asking only for the data you need. Consider what problem you’re trying to solve and the reality of your organization’s ability to solve more than one problem at a time.


Being brief allows the data analysis to go more quickly, ensuring you get the insights you need.

Also some great insights from these folks:

Read the full article here.

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