Meet Our Team – Kevin Mabe (Chief Analyst)

Continuing in our series about our team, meet our “Head of Hard Math” Kevin Mabe!


Note, like many people, Kevin does not like sharing his photo, so we’ve included this picture of a robot at the computer. Kevin approves, but is concerned that robots are taking over :).

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

I was born in Denver, though I currently live in NYC after five other day-jobs in four other cities.  I have a quantitative background; I loved the black-and-white nature of math and the can’t-have-it-all aspect of economics.  My jobs have centered on this background, especially in internal consulting roles.

  • Why Corus? Why market research and consumer insight?

I always thought there was much more to be done analytically with market research in general.  Endless banner tables and cross-tabulations highlight the desperate need for more comprehensive, in-depth, and simplifying analysis.  I also have a fascination with small or simple datasets in general, often seen in market research, to see just how much insight can be squeezed out of them.  

  • If you’re not at work or home, where are you?

For the past two years, it’s been the weight room.  Lifting weights is dependable, objective, and unforgiving.  I’ve enjoyed challenging my physical being and supporting others trying to do the same.

  • What is something you’re passionate about and why?

Developing others may rank as my top passion, perhaps followed by the pursuit of ‘Truth’ in data.  Though, in actuality, I view people and data as pretty much close to the same substance.  I tend to quantify people and personify data.  Each is a manifestation of underlying beliefs and ‘Truths’ and it’s my job to understand, nurture, and constructively contribute to (or tell) their ‘story’.

  • If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Opening people’s minds to fringe or nuanced ways of thinking and interacting.  I enjoy challenging conventional thought or assumptions that are always taken as “given”.

  • What are one or two different books or articles that have shaped your life/outlook?

I remember Papillon by Henri Charrière serving as a beacon in my younger years, especially in its depiction of camaraderie and relentless determination.  I’m also enjoying the recent mind-clearing effects of what I no longer read: news, opinion blogs, and social media.  Elimination of that mental input has contributed more to my life and outlook than anything I’ve actually read.  


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