PRESS RELEASE – launches industry-first marketplace for syndicated reports and full-service research support

Clients can easily find ready-made reports subscription-free, and hire analyst support on-demand for custom research needs.


Denver, CO – Corus announced today the rollout of the newest components of its revolutionary insights marketplace, introducing the ability to hire analyst support for custom market research needs, as well as the ability to buy and sell market research reports. With this launch, Corus customers have the fastest and easiest path to the insights they need.


Co-Founder and COO Morgan Stempf, when asked about the new launch, shared, “The creation of this marketplace is the culmination of over 5 years of work and strategy with a network of analysts and enterprise clients. We’re making it possible for anyone to find the ideal custom research partner to meet just about any need. And it logically fits to allow the analysts on our platform to publish insight reports on an open marketplace to save some clients the need for custom efforts.”


These new features create a powerful new workflow for researchers and marketers:

  • Clients – Before you start a custom research effort, search our rapidly growing library of syndicated reports.
    • Analysts – Have a really interesting finding that you want to share with others? Sell your reports on the marketplace and build your brand as an analyst.
  • Clients – Hire the right expert for a custom research need (i.e. someone with deep experience in pricing studies, segmentation, driver analysis, time series analysis, etc.)
  • Stay within your budget with independent researchers and firms competing for your work
    • Analysts – Need new clients, but have no time for conferences or hate selling, search the project market for new client opportunities.
  • Clients – Use our survey software to collaborate and add incredible transparency in managing the custom research efforts.
    • Analysts – Use Corus survey software for free with all of your clients so you don’t need to maintain multiple survey tool subscriptions, and avoid transcription errors thanks to our integrated collaboration and language translation features.


About Corus: Corus is a provider of market research software and advanced analysis based in Denver since 2014. Corus software has processed over 9 million unique completed questions informing hundreds of research projects to-date.


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