Top 3 Things Nifty Project Management Users Can’t Live Without


Utilizing the Corus platform, we gathered feedback from Nifty customers about the things they can’t live without

corus and nifty project management

There are a lot of project management tools out there, so inevitably the first questions that we often get from prospective customers are “what makes Nifty different?” or “what makes Nifty so great?” Instead of coming up with something on our own, we thought we’d ask our customers for their thoughts.

One client of Nifty said “Nifty is by far the best productivity tool I’ve ever used. They have consolidated so many tools down to one for my team, without compromising the experience”. Nifty prides itself on having all the project management tools necessary to perform the task at its optimal state, rolled into one program. Nifty brings together chat groups, tasks, milestones, and more to create the perfect hub for productive collaboration. Everything is in one easy to use project management tool which rids the team of the need to use multiple tools to achieve the project goal.

Utilizing our friends at Corus, a super-simple user research tool (and it’s free!), we “asked the audience” so to speak, and found some really interesting insights. Rather than simply asking what customers liked about the platform, we asked them specifically what they wouldn’t be able to live without – those things that had become part of their daily workflow.

Customers love the fact that they can set tasks clearly using Nifty. In projects it is easy to lose sight of the task that is given to you. With Nifty you won’t have that problem. Team members can keep track of all their task assignments, activities, and time logs across projects, by using the ‘My Work’ section to stay on top of all tasks assigned to them. Tasks can be filtered by due date, assignees and milestones. Tasks can be organized with custom tags to manage sprints, priorities, and more. Nifty lets team members set and achieve their tasks and workflow by using their all in one project management tool. Learn more here.

By focusing on the “can’t live without”, we were able to really hone our messaging around those things that make our customers tick. We also find it more helpful than say a Net Promoter Score as a way of focusing on improvements we can make on specific parts of the platform.

So, without further ado, here are the top 3 things Nifty PM customers said they couldn’t live without:

Time Tracking

Customers love the fact that Nifty allows the team members to track the time spent on the project and assignment. This allows team members to stay on top of their workloads while other team members can view their logged hours which are broken down by projects and tasks. Tracking the time gives insight into balancing workloads and allocating team member time. User’s benefit from this feature because it helps avoid the need to juggle multiple time tracking tools and connect all time reports to your projects.

time tracking module nifty project management


“Milestones make the difference.”

Customers rave about Nifty’s milestones feature which allows users to serve as a visual project guide by automating progress status for all stakeholders. One customer said “I love the milestones + tasks features, it gives me the possibility to map very clearly on time how we’re doing on each project we have.” While another said “Milestones make the difference.” Milestones give a view on how to achieve the overall project at hand. When members want to set objectives the best way to get it done is through milestones. Milestones will enforce a project flow and set the project hierarchy. Using Nifty, as tasks are completed, team members can tie them to milestones as they slowly inch closer to total project completion. All of these milestones can be viewed using Nifty through one of three views. Timeline view which visualizes the milestones on a timeline which can help show when the milestones need to be reached. Another view is Swimlane view which intersects milestones with task lists to clarify project objectives for agile teams. Lastly, master overview allows a birds-eye view across projects in your entire organization or portfolio.

milestones module nifty project management



Probably the most important aspect of any business is the communication between all stakeholders. In any effective business all members of the team and company need to be on the same page. Nifty offers a great way to stay connected with all members of the project. One customer said “One of the best features (and the place we get the majority of our work done) is the Nifty Project Discussions where we can communicate, share ideas and turn discussions into actionable projects.” Nifty has chats which allow members to ping and message each other directly or in group formats. It’s very easy to use and navigate. You can stay updated on everyone’s progress on their projects and offer helpful feedback. The discussions provide a space for your team and clients to share ideas, finalize specs, and turn discussions into actions. There is a page where you can share, store, and retrieve project files and assets to let your clients see and grab whatever they need without asking called project assets. Find out more information here.


nifty discusssions nifty project management tool



Nifty is about helping teams work better together, and streamlining projects, not adding unnecessary meetings and calls. It connects clients to the project goals with vivid communication. The discussions allow for speedy responses so all factions of the project can stay updated and share ideas. We were excited to hear that customers felt the same way. Some of the insights were surprising, in a good way, which was also helpful as we continue to think about marketing and sharing Nifty with the world. If you’ve found this to be helpful or interesting please share below!


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