Use Case Examples – Getting Feedback from People You Don’t Know

In the second installment of this series, we talk about how the Corus platform can assist with informing a business decision based on feedback from people not in your CRM or customer base

A customer experience survey is a popular way to get feedback after a person has already bought from your company. Using this tool can be effective, but how do you reach more people? How do you learn what people who are not already your clients think or are likely to buy?


In the previous post we looked at sending a satisfaction survey to clients that you already have (an email list) and direct distribution. Fairly simple, but a powerful way of gathering immediate and actionable feedback. However that limits you to people that have intimately interacted with you (entered your store, bought your product, signed up for your newsletter). “Sending to the world” is our answer to this problem. We can connect you with 80 million people in 135 countries. What this service means for you is that you can create a survey and ask a large sample of people in your target demographic what they think. (1)


Think of the possibilities – want to test a new ad slogan? Do they like the flavor of yogurt you’re going to release, or do you think hoodies are going to be the hit trend this fall? Maybe you have a new product line or direction that your company wants to take. You can get data on any question relevant to your research.

Aside from the benefit of getting specific feedback before deciding what to put on the market, this service offered by Corus allows you to get feedback from people who will not be influenced by previous experience with your company. Think of how that opens up new communities for you without any extra effort on your part to engage.

This feature is accessible across languages. Want to get feedback from Italy but you don’t speak Italian? No problem, our automated translation tools enable immediate translation with the click of a button. Or if you have something a little bit more nuanced, try human translation (note: a small fee applies for that). Our tool is designed to immediately connect you with the globe without the need for a passport!

We will continue to showcase these use cases, with each getting a little bit more complex, showing the full ability and nuance of the platform. You can read about more use cases here: Use Case

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