Use Case – Hiring an Expert through the Project Market

You’ve got a tight deadline. No one on the team has the bandwidth for the project. What do you do?

In previous case studies we’ve gone through conducting an internal (you have the contact list already) satisfaction survey – like a customer satisfaction or net promoter survey, and also a “send to the world” (you don’t have the contacts) survey. Both pretty easy to grasp, and pretty straightforward.

But what if the survey work you’re doing takes a turn to a bit more challenging place? What if you’re stuck with a project that requires you to match specific census data, and maybe on the back-end there is some advanced regression work? Can Corus handle that?


Glad you asked – of course!

This is really why we built this platform in the first place – to make projects like this a piece of cake. While typically you might scramble to see if you, or someone on your team has capacity to handle this project (and maybe you’re racing against a deadline here), with Corus you can handle this project in a couple easy steps, and for far less than hiring a traditional outside consultancy (FAR less).

First, always go to the report marketplace to check if someone is selling a report that you could already use! If you need info on the report marketplace, check out this video here: youtube

Now, let’s start the survey. If you’re not familiar with the platform, check out this video here: Intro. Once we’ve created the survey, let’s go to “send to the world” and once you’ve established your timeline and number of respondents, you’ll choose “create custom” in demographic filters box. Send to the World Corus

From here you can select from myriad choices of demographic filters. Select any and all that you need, and click next. NOTE: you’ll be allowed to choose if you want limits for each filter, and the system will automatically prevent you from going over 100% of the surveyed population.

Now that you’ve got your estimate for the survey portion of the project, send it out to the world. If you need help on distributing a survey, check here: Sending to the World.

The next step will be posting a project to the project marketplace. Click on the top banner “Project Marketplace” and then click on the “Add project” button on the right.

Start a Project

From here you’ll be able to enter all the details of your project, including budget, timeline, and specific industry experience of your expert. Once you post wait for the bids to roll in! You should expect responses within 24 hours. From there all you have to do is…focus on other things :)!

hire help on corus market


Check out more use cases here: Use Case

Also if you’re interested here is a quick youtube video:

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