Why Sign Up to Be a Corus Analyst?

This is a bit of a genesis story. The work is great, and the clients are fun, but there never seemed like enough of us to go around…

Many of us have been there, it’s late at night, you’re finishing up a project for a client or a colleague, and maybe your thoughts start to wander to what your next project will be. Have you spent the time networking, selling, and negotiating to have the next thing lined up? Do you have good insight into your revenue stream or is it feast or famine?



If you’re a boutique or even a one-person shop, it’s probably the latter. You’re good at the work you do, and you don’t want to be a salesperson. That’s an entire second job (and one that you weren’t cut out for). You could join a big firm, but while that works for other people, that’s not for you.


We know this challenge first-hand. This is a bit of a genesis story. The work is great, and the clients are fun, but there never seemed like enough of us to go around, and our focus was always to work first and business development second.


After years of working with high-profile clients on work that was on a tight deadline, or was not something that their team could handle in-house, we began to realize that there had to be a better way to operate in the custom market research and survey space. So we created our platform: http://www.cor.us.


Our marketplace allows analysts to upload a profile, bid on projects, and send deliverables quickly, safely, and in a fraction of the time you’re used to. This is a game-changer if you’re a small shop or single-shingle looking for a crack at some larger project work, or a chance with that name-brand company that you’ve never been able to meet.


We all know about the ‘extra income’ or ‘gig economy’ platforms like Uber, Handy, Instacard, or Doordash – especially the downsides to working on each. Corus is different – it’s a way to make good money, wherever you are, doing work that you’re qualified to do. It’s got all the benefits of flexibility and availability, but with a price for your time that you set. You can build your own brand (and make money while you sleep) by selling your research on our report market, or find clients to do custom work on the project market without needing to cold call or network.


We know that there are tons of products out there vying for your attention, trying to be the thing that instantly changes your life. But here’s the difference with Corus: there is no risk to trying it. Go on, set up a profile, and try bidding on a project. There is literally no cost to do so. Are we “too good to be true?” I our opinion, no. We want to change this industry for the long-term. We make money because we take a fair cut of project fees. And let’s say you find a client that really likes you, you can use our tools with them directly to get the data you need to guide their key decisions. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. How many times can you say that has been the case? There’s no learning curve, it’s easy to use and you have all the skills already. Give it a spin.


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