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99designs and Corus - Entrepreneurship in the Age of Covid-19

Posted by Drew Chambers on May 19, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Our friends at 99designs created a topical and interesting infographic and post about how entrepreneurs are adjusting to the new normal of Covid-19 

99designs and Corus

After surveying over 1,200 small business owners utilizing the Corus platform, 99designs uncovered some interesting takeaways - namely that while SMB's were hit hard and fast, many have pivoted in a way that has enabled them to embrace opportunity. Over half of respondents (54%) were planning on launching a new business or side business. See the infographic below for more and head over to 99designs.com!

Infographic_Entrepreneurship & COVID-19_99designs


check out more Corus in the news here

Topics: Insider, market research, survey, dataresearch, use case, in the news, deep dive, covid19

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