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Use Case – The Report Market

Use our report marketplace to purchase ready-made reports before going through the process of market research One of the great features of the new corus platform is the ability to sell ready-made reports on our report marketplace. Let’s say that you’ve just finished a project that required immense time and effort on your part. YouContinue reading “Use Case – The Report Market”

The Goal of This Blog

We are data scientists, researchers, consultants, and dreamers. This space is for us to share our insights, thoughts, and ideas around the consumer research space. We’re looking for answers, join us!

Best Practices For Shorter Surveys

We decided to look into how different individuals answer surveys, and specifically whether any specific demographic features resulted in significant change to response time in surveys. Do you need to alter your surveys to deal with specific demographics?

Get To Know The Team (Jason)

As part of an ongoing segment about our team, we’ll interview various members of our team to get to know the individuals behind the platform. It’s great insight into how the technology came to be and why we’re so passionate about it!

Hard Math With Kevin (Episode 1)

Our Head of Analytics, Kevin Mabe, sets up a walk through of a driver analysis for us, showing how necessary it is to the research process, and how intuitive decision making can often lead to the wrong outcome.

Hard Math with Kevin – Factor Analysis

The second episode of our series Hard Math with Kevin – our Chief Analytics officer Kevin Mabe goes into why a factor analysis is such a critical part of the research process, and what pitfalls many people fall into. Data analytics video.


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