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Bloomberg QuickTake: Things to do during COVID-19 quarantine

Posted by Drew Chambers on Aug 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The Bloomberg QuickTake readership is a creative and interesting group. Partnering with Corus, the QT team uncovered what readers were doing during the coronavirus pandemic to keep their minds engaged.

The results were as interesting as you'd expect, and the ever-talented group of producers and editors at Bloomberg were able to turn those insights into the following:



Pretty awesome stuff!

Whether you're creating content or simply trying to reinforce a piece, Corus helps you leverage the value of human insights. We're a group of dedicated creatives, strategists, and analysts just like you. When the Bloomberg QuickTake team first approached us, they wanted to learn more about their readers, and more importantly, they wanted to amplify the voices of their readers as they were trying to cope with the COVID-19 lockdowns. We quickly put together a study that did just that. What's so great about sharing these stories is that it is a symbiotic relationship - creating a more actively engaged audience and better content going forward!

The Bloomberg QuickTake team is currently running a study about how people are handling the "reopening" as well, so head to https://cor.us/surveys/F7B5BB to share your thoughts with their team, you might even be featured on their youtube channel! 

We love seeing the different ways our clients and partners use the Corus platform, and we'd love to take a page from Bloomberg's book - let us know how you're using the platform and we'll share your story! Whether you're a small agency or a multi-national brand, we love hearing the interesting ways that people are incorporating insights into their projects, testing creative ideas, or just gathering customer feedback. Email us at support@cor.us if you'd like to discuss more!

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