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Understanding Your Clients - Tools for Advertising Agencies

Posted by Drew Chambers on May 2, 2019 10:04:00 AM

Working in the agency world (media, strategy, creative, digital, etc.) requires not only an intimate knowledge of your prospects, but their target customers as well.

Corus's robust platform isn't just for companies looking to find out about their customers or potential customers (or employees, or constituents...the list goes on :)). It's also a really valuable sales and operating tool for creative agencies.

Picture this, you've got a big pitch with a potential client - what better way to wow them than to show up with real insights, a market segmentation, or even a conjoint analysis, about their customers and their desires? It immediately brings the conversation to the point that you'd like to talk about, which is how your messaging is going to align with their stated needs and wants.




Or, let's say you've engaged that new client, and are working on the first project. You'll want to make sure your message is resonating with the target market you're attacking. You build a brand tracker and start seeing how your work is directly improving the customer's position within the market. You'll be able to update the brand tracker on an ongoing basis easily and quickly, so your client has continual insight into their positioning and success.

Corus has all of these tools, plus the ability for your entire agency to be on the same platform, without any seat license requirements or monthly subscriptions. It's simply the best tool in your kit if you're a marketing agency.




If you'd like to learn more or want a quick demo, email us at sales@cor.us.

Read more use cases here: Use Case


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